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Worry About Cancer Recurrence Study

for survivors of childhood cancer

About the Study

We know that many adults who have survived cancer experience worry about cancer recurrence, and that this worry can negatively impact mental health and day to day life. What we don’t know is if children and teens who have survived cancer experience the same worry, and if so, how it impacts them. One of the reasons we know so little about this worry for child and teen survivors of cancer is because we have no way to measure it. The purpose of this project is to develop a questionnaire specifically for children and teens to measure worry about recurrence. We hope that this will help us to advance research in this area, and ultimately, improve long-term wellbeing for our survivors.


Project Overview

Children at School
Teen Psychologist

Phase 1


We first collected information from small focus groups with child and teen survivors of cancer to learn more about their experiences with worry about recurrence.

Phase 2

Currently Underway

We are currently seeking feedback from child and teen survivors about the questions we would like to include on our questionnaire.

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Phase 3

Coming Soon!

This phase of our study will use data collected from a large group of child and teen survivors to determine which questions best measure worry about cancer recurrence.

Phase 2

We are seeking survivors of childhood cancer to fill out an online survey about the questions we would like to include on our questionnaire about worry about cancer recurrence.

You may be eligible to participate if you:

  • Were diagnosed with cancer between 0-18 years of age

  • Have completed active treatment

  • Are currently 8-18 years of age

  • Fluently speak and read English

  • Currently live in Canada or the USA

To complete the full eligibility screening questionnaire and sign up to participate, please click on the link below.​

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