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Worry About Recurrence Study Phase 1 Recruitment now open!

March 2021

We are now enrolling survivors of childhood cancer who are currently between 8-18 years of age to participate in small, virtual focus groups. To find out more or to sign up, follow the link below!


Talking about fear of recurrence does not cause lasting distress

September 2020

A new study recently found that when adolescents and young adults participated in interviews about fear of cancer recurrence, they were unlikely to experience lasting distress. The investigators found that distress was highest prior to the interview (1.2/10) and declined thereafter. On average, participant's rated their distress as low across all timepoints (less than 2/10 before the interview, right after, and one week later).


New study published on fear of recurrence among survivors of childhood cancer

March 2020

A new study from our lab shows that of 228 survivors of childhood cancer who attended a regular follow-up appointment at the Alberta Children's Hospital over seven years, 43% reported worry about cancer recurrence at least once. Of these, 66% had been diagnosed before the age of 5, and 21% reported concern about recurrence at half or more of their visits.